Providing Excellent Customer Service to our clients

We are committed to providing our customers with superior products, services, and produced in environment of continuous improvement, that exceed their requirements and expectations for quality and delivery




50-200 Employees in multiple departments globally

Management Department

Accounting Department

Distribution Department

Sales Department

Sister company

National Trade

For Import & Export, one of the leading business companies in the Middle East/North Africa

Our Mission

To serve our customers with the best product

Our Vision​

We focus on teamwork, transparency, and quality to fuel our success

Our Values


Diverse experiences, talents, and strengths to form a team unmatched in resourcefulness and creativity


Our mission is to treat those with whom we have contact (customers, suppliers, each other, and community) with integrity and the highest level of ethical behavior.


We work to the best of our ability and striving to best serve our internal/external customers with persistent drive and follow-through


To serve our customers, we have to develop and wisely use the resources and share that with others

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